STAGE 1 – Find and purchase a lot:

This could be the most difficult and time consuming step as it involves finding the right lot and location that you would prefer to build and live on.

STAGE 2 – Set up and close on a Construction / Home Loan:

(typically called a “one time construction loan”) with a Bank/Lender of your choice.  There are a few Bankers/Lenders that our buyers have used in the past that we will also recommend for you to contact.

STAGE 3 – Meeting with the Architect: 

You can choose who ever you want to use as your architect.  Howeverr, we do have an Architect that we have used on most of our homes that you are welcome to use.  There will be about 3-4 meetings with the Architect before the house plans are complete.  We are involved in those meetings and are done at our office.  Your are welcome to bring your ideas, a want and wish list, and pictures or rough drawings of what you are looking for in your new home.  The Architect will take it from there.  

STAGE 4 – Color and Selection process:

You can use your own Interior Designer, or use the one that we use who has worked with most of our buyers.  You and the Designer will start choosing all the colors and selections that will go into your new home.  This stage will take some time but you will enjoy it, as it is fun going around to all the different show rooms making your selections.  The Designer will take you through the entire process.  You will be picking out everything that goes on the inside and outside of your new home.  You are welcome to bring pictures and ideas of what you are looking for so the Designer can get a good feel for your tastes, etc.  The selection process will take about 3-4 meetings with the Designer, plus trips out to the different show rooms. There is a spread sheet to work off of that will help you through the process, including everything you will need to choose for your new home.

STAGE 5 – Bidding and Budget Process:

Once the plans are complete and the selections are made, your job  for the most part is complete and our is just beginning!

– There will be several sets of plans that will go out for bids to various vendors and contractors.

– A soils (Geotech) test will be conducted on your lot to find out the type of dirt we are about to build on.

– Foundation Engineers will start the foundation plans.

– Structural Engineers will start the framing layout plans.

– The budget will be finalized.

– The permit packet will be taken to the city for review and approval.

STAGE 6 – Construction begins!

– Before we start construction, we will have a pre-start meeting to give the plans and selections one more look over.  We will also discuss the construction process of your new home.– Most all communication will be via e-mail when we are adding, changing, deleting, etc.  No paper work will be needed.

– We will also have a scheduled pre-drywall meeting prior to insulating and sheet rocking the home to make sure everything is in place before we cover the walls up.  There will also be a final home orientation at the new home prior to completion / move-in.  At this meeting we will go over the basic operations of your new home and discuss your warranty coverage that you will have on your new home.

NOTE:  The time frame for stages 1-5 take about 2-3 months. These are basically the set up or preliminary stages prior to beginning construction.  The time frame for stage 6 is about 6-7 months.  This is the actual construction time of the home once we break ground.  Overall, 8-10 months from start to finish.

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