Here at Highland Classic Homes, we don’t want to “sell” to you, rather we want to provide you with the information you need to make an educated decision on building a new home.  We think that providing you with the overview of our Philosophies and the Construction Process that we can help provide you with a good foundation in making one of the most important decisions, and investment that you’ll make in your lifetime.

We want you to feel confident that you are making the right decision.

Our relationship with our buyers is very unique, open and up front.  This unique “personal touch” with our clients is the “Highland Classic Way!”


We only build new custom homes from the ground up.  We are just not big believers in tearing down to a first floor or the original foundation of an existing structure.  It is hard to imagine adding that much weight onto an older foundation that it wasn’t originally designed or engineered for.  You are also being restricted to building to the existing foundation footprint.  That is unless you add on to the existing foundation.  So why not start over with the latest in foundation design and engineering and have the opportunity to design a completely new custom home from ground up.  Also, we do not do any interior remodeling or add-ons. We put all of our focus in building new homes from the ground up.  That is what we do.


At Highland Classic Homes, we pride ourselves in building a quality, energy efficient home for the money and value.  Through constant research and negotiations, we believe that (all things being considered) we have the best contractors and vendors working for us.  We believe that our quality and attention to detail and finish out compares to other new custom homes costing much, much more.  Our goal is to build the best possible home for the best value.


We want the buyer to have an enjoyable home building experience and that is why we personally take them through the process from start to finish.  The pre-planning phase is very important.  The more we can plan up front, the smoother and quicker the building process will go with less headaches, delays and errors.  This is why we have our buyers pick out all of their colors and selections up front prior to starting construction.  Not to say that there will be changes along the way, after all this is a custom home.  But, we know what we have, what our budget is, and what our starting point is before we break ground.

We want our homes to be well thought out through the entire process.  This is why we have a professional Architectural Designer work with you on your new house plans.  After the plans are complete, a professional Interior Designer will help you pick out all of your colors and selections that go into your new home.  These professionals are up on the latest trends in new home design and fashion.   Hey, building a home can actually be FUN!


We are committed to staying on budget.  After all, what good is preparing the budget before the start of construction if we don’t take it seriously.  When we commit to a budget, we mean it.  The budget is followed daily and we are constantly looking for ways that we can save you money along each step of the way throughout the entire process.

While most custom home build times can take as long as a year for completion, we take around 8-10 months from lot purchase to move in.  We account for this largely due to our pre-planning, scheduling and execution (scheduling) process of the construction project.

Building a quality home in a timely fashion will save you money.

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